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Resources for Researching Programs

In addition to the comprehensive information on this website, you can consult the resources below to help you learn more about study abroad and to research specific programs in your academic area of interest:

Talk to a Study Abroad Ambassador
Talk to fellow students who have been chosen as Study Abroad Ambassadors to discover more of the benefits of studying abroad, ways to maximize the experience and information on individual programs.

Attend the Study Abroad Fair
Attend the annual Study Abroad Fair and speak with program reps to learn about the various Rice-approved programs available.

Talk to past and current participants
Meet study abroad returnees to gather specific program information, follow blogs, and communicate with fellow Rice students who are currently abroad to learn about their experiences

Read past evaluations
Program evaluations from past study abroad participants are available upon request in the Study Abroad office. Read about other students' experiences in the programs that you are considering.

Discuss program ideas with professors and Study Abroad Faculty Advisors
Discuss possible programs with professors and Rice faculty who have knowledge and experience with programs in specific areas of study.