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Rice Course Registration and Study Abroad

PLEASE NOTE:  Each semester during Rice course registration week, the names of all study abroad students for the upcoming semester will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, who will register each student for "AWAY100" credits (for affiliate or provider programs) or "XCHG 100" credits (for exchange programs) for the upcoming term. AWAY 100 and XCHG 100 serve as placeholders for the credits each student is enrolled in while abroad, and which will be transferred back to Rice University upon completion of studying abroad. AWAY 100 and XCHG 100 also ensure current full time Rice student status while you are away, allowing your financial aid to travel with you for semester and year-long programs. The placeholder will show 12 hours regardless of the number of hours you are enrolled while abroad. Upon return this will be adjusted to match your study abroad transcript and the actual hours which were completed while abroad.    

Study Abroad students who have not yet received final, official acceptance into the university/program abroad by the Rice registration week will still be registered for AWAY 100 or XCHG 100, as most students who have received Rice approval for study abroad will be accepted into their programs. If circumstances would change and a student does not receive acceptance from their program abroad, students should notify their study abroad advisor immediately.