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Meet Rice's Past Study Abroad Bloggers

Each semester many students choose to record their experience through blogging. We have much to learn about their experiences and their changing perspectives of the world via their stories and images. Students explore a wide variety of subjects concerning study abroad, including academics, cultural adjustment, or the social and cultural climate in their host country. Take some time to browse through this selection of Rice University student blogs below.

Spring 2013  

  • Sonia Garcia - Madrid, Spain (IES Abroad Engineering)
  • Eileen Brady - Copenhagen, Denmark (Danish Institute for Study Abroad)

Spring 2014

  • Greta Shwachman - Valparaiso, Chile (IFSA-Butler Universities Program)
  • Esteban Pimentel - Nagoya, Japan (IES Abroad, Nanzan University)

Fall 2014

  • Emily Flood - Paris, France (Sweet Briar Junior Year in France)
  • Geraldine Franco - Tokyo, Japan (Keio University Exchange)
  • Marie Gliechauf - Auckland, New Zealand (Arcadia, University of Auckland)
  • Olivia Hu - Perugia, Italy (Arcadia)
  • Larisa Lamere - Dunedin, New Zealand (Arcadia, University of Otago)
  • Samantha Love - Cape Town, South Africa (CIEE Service Learning)
  • JB Makhani - Seville, Spain (CIEE) 
  • Angela Masciale - Barcelona, Spain (IES Abroad)
  • Shannon McKearnan - Quito, Ecuador (University of Minnesota, MSID International Development)
  • Monica Melendez - Santiago, Chile (IES Abroad)
  • Letty Trevino - Paris, France (Sweet Briar Junior Year in France)
  • Anne Wells - Santiago, Chile (SIT Study Abroad, Public Health, Traditional Medicine and Community Empowerment)

Spring 2015

  • Michael Donatti - Paris, France (Ecole Centrale)
  • Michelle Lee - Melbourne, Australia (IFSA-Butler, University of Melbourne)
  • Emily Flood - Paris, France (Sweet Briar Junior Year in France)
  • Emerita Geraldine Franco - Tokyo, Japan (Keio University, Exchange)
  • Kimberly Rightor - Nyon, Switzerland (SIT Study Abroad, Global Health & Development Policy)
  • Connie Feng - Daejeon, South Korea (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST, Exchange)
  • Cristell Perez - India, South Africa, Brazil (SIT Study Abroad, International Honors Program: Health & Community)
  • Adriana Duarte - Freiburg, Germany (IES Abroad, Language & Area Studies)
  • Blaque Robinson - Valparaiso, Chile (SIT Study Abroad, Cultural Identity, Social Justice, & Community Development)

Spring 2016

  • Jake Krauss - Australia (SIT Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology, Fall 2015); Ecuador (SIT Comparative Ecology and Conservation, Spring 2016)
  • Sparrow Gates - Vienna, Austria (IES Abroad: European Society and Culture)
  • Kelly Tomasevich - Santiago, Chile (IES Abroad: Study in Santiago)
  • Lauren Howe-Kerr - Turks & Caicos (SFS Marine Resource Studies, Fall 2015); Australia (SIT Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology
  • Isabel Milton - Madrid, Spain (IES Abroad: Engineering, Architecture, & Science)