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Why Study Abroad?

Explore “beyond the hedges”… to learn in ways you never imagined. 

Bring Your Studies to Life

Follow in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton with physics courses at Cambridge. Trace the rise of Peter the Great in Russia’s “Crown Jewel,” St. Petersburg. Study global health and development policy in Geneva, or examine health and human rights in New Dehli. Immerse yourself in the ecology and conservation of Madagascar. Master Mandarin in Kunming. Language, art, religion, politics, social issues, government and history come alive when the world is your classroom.

Open Your Eyes to Fresh Perspectives

Challenge your assumptions. Reconsider what’s “normal” and notice what you take for granted - from how to greet a stranger to how a country is governed. Exposure to new cultures, languages and ideas will enable you to examine your own beliefs, and see the world in a new way.

Expand Your Professional Options

Be distinctive. Just about 1 percent of U.S. college students study abroad, yet graduate/professional schools, businesses, government agencies and NGOs are all seeking candidates with international experience and cross-cultural communication skills. The experiences you gain abroad will give you an edge in graduate school, your career and your life.

Engage With the World

Gain firsthand knowledge of the world beyond U.S. borders. Witness global trends, geopolitics, health care, cross-cultural encounters and history where it happens. Practice what it means to live in a global and interconnected world. Meet people from backgrounds entirely different than your own. Memories and friendships forged abroad often last a lifetime.

Escape From the Everyday

Study abroad is a continuous adventure that introduces you to new places, peoples, tastes, sights, sounds and experiences.

Visit the places you’ve seen only in pictures, learn about another culture, improve your foreign language skills, develop intellectual pursuits, explore new perspectives and meet new friends. Go abroad and explore, discover, learn.