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"Step One”: Your First Step to Studying Abroad!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

“Step One” is your first step towards studying abroad at Rice University! This informative video will assist you in understanding important preliminary information about studying abroad. Topics such as eligibility, academic considerations, language requirements, program types, housing options, major/minor requirements, transferring credit, grades and graduation information will be covered. There will also be an overview of the financial aspects of study abroad, including program costs, financial aid and scholarship opportunities. You will discover ways to search for programs which will best meet your academic and personal goals as well as a review of the application process and critical deadlines.  

Please view the 8 minute “Step One” online video presentation below! We invite you to find a convenient time to take this important first step and begin your journey!

Completing “Step One” is mandatory for all students wishing to study abroad.