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While Abroad

Nothing, above all, is comparable to the new life that a reflective person experiences when he observes a new country. Though I am always myself, I believe I have been changed to the very marrow of my bones.
--Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Rome, 1786

Well, you have finally made it and are now abroad! This will inevitably be one of the most exciting, challenging and interesting times in your life as an undergraduate student. Study abroad is a time filled with learning, observing, making new relationships, some adventure and quiet moments of personal development. Plan to make the most of your study abroad experience! Work hard towards your academic goals, challenge yourself personally as you experience new cultures and ways of life, and appreciate this opportunity you have worked for and have been given. Characteristics that play a vital role in your success abroad are: patience, flexibility, adaptability, responsibility, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of humor. Avoid rigid ideas of "right" and "wrong" ways to do things. You will most likely find a new perspective of yourself and the world.

The Rice Study Abroad Office challenges you to be a good will ambassador and actively participate in improving international relations whether in the classroom or on a train, in a restaurant or a remote village, when living with your host family or meeting new friends. Take every opportunity to open your mind to new experiences, customs and people. Remember that you are a guest in another country, thus the utmost respect and appreciation should be evident.

Study hard, have fun, be safe, and Explore, Discover, Learn.