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Faculty/Academic Advising Support

Students interested in studying abroad have valuable resources at Rice University through Academic Advisors, Study Abroad Faculty Advisors, Transfer Credit Advisors, Major Advisors, professors and instructors. Utilizing these resources in combination with the Rice Study Abroad Office will assist students in finding the best program for their academic goals and needs.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advising is a critical component of preparing a Rice student for a successful study abroad experience, helping students plan for specific coursework and the best timing for study abroad in each individual student’s curriculum. When meeting with your academic advisor, discuss your plans and wishes for study abroad so you can both work together to plan ahead for the best timing and coordination of academic coursework.

Study Abroad Faculty Advisors

Study Abroad Faculty Advisors have special knowledge of programs abroad in their respective areas of study and have offered to be a resource for the Study Abroad Office. Faculty Advisors work closely with the Study Abroad Office in helping to evaluate current and potential programs and assisting with advising students. Students are encouraged to set up an appointment with a Faculty Advisor for additional information about specific programs. 

Transfer Credit Advisors

As part of the study abroad application process, students are required to obtain transfer credit pre-approval from the departmental Transfer Credit Advisor through the Undergraduate Request for Transfer Credit form. The pre-approval process requires students to identify courses specific to major, minor or distribution requirements that they would like to take while abroad. Each department has the authority to pre-approve courses that may earn credit for either core requirements or electives. The course approval process is dependent upon the faculty Transfer Credit Advisor in each department. Students should plan ahead and make an appointment with the appropriate Transfer Credit Advisor to review proposed courses.

Major Advisors

Major Advisors represent their respective academic departments or disciplines and can advise students on specific major graduation requirements as they relate to study abroad. They can provide information on things like curricular sequences or course offerings that can play a role in where and when a student studies abroad.

Professors and Instructors

Professors and instructors also play a key role in supporting study abroad. Professors can share knowledge of other countries and cultures as they relate to coursework and international subject matter. Professors are a valuable resource regarding many programs and institutions abroad as well as sharing personal academic international experiences they may have had. In addition, faculty-led programs are of course an excellent resource and opportunity available for Rice students in a number of areas of study.