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Financial Aid and Study Abroad

If you qualify for financial aid (federal aid, grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) through Rice University, your aid is transferrable to a Rice-approved study abroad program (semester or full academic year). For those currently receiving aid, the usual procedures for renewal of aid will be in effect. For students who are wishing to pursue aid, you must complete the financial aid process listed on Office of Financial Aid website. The “Budget Worksheet” component of your application, will serve as the basis for determining your financial need for the term abroad. Award amounts will be adjusted according to the cost of attendance (COA) at the host institution, but only UP TO the cost of Rice University. If the program’s COA is more than Rice’s COA, you will be responsible for covering additional expenses. If the program’s COA is less than Rice’s COA, the Office of Financial Aid will modify your need based portion of your financial aid package to reflect your new financial needs. 

Please note: Students are not able to participate in federal work study while abroad. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid for how this may affect you.

Disbursement of financial aid funds

All Rice financial aid will be disbursed through the Rice Cashier’s office. The Cashier’s office will only disburse funds after the Rice Study Abroad Office grants approval to participate in a Rice-approved study abroad program for credit. The funds will be directly deposited to an account through the bill payment suite on Esther. Please be aware you are responsible for paying program fees directly to your provider by the required due date.

Please note: Financial aid will not disburse funds until one week prior to the start of the Rice semester. Most programs are flexible if payment deadlines fall before the disbursement date, but you must inform your program provider of your situation and when the funds will be available. Please provide the Financial Aid office ample time to complete any forms regarding delayed payment or financial aid information required by your program.

Summer study

If you have previously received financial aid at Rice, you can apply for loans to fund summer study abroad experiences through the Office of Financial Aid. Students must be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours for the summer term. Please keep in mind that funds are extremely limited. Students should also consult with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm remaining loan amounts/eligibility. If you would like to apply for summer financial aid, then complete the Summer Financial Aid Request Form. The application deadline to be considered for summer financial aid is typically mid May. 


If a student withdraws from a program at any time, this withdrawal must be communicated to both the Rice Study Abroad Office and the Office of Financial Aid so adjustments to the accounts may be made. Students are then required to resubmit a new budget to the Office of Financial Aid to maintain accurate records. 

Outside Awards and Financial Aid

Students receiving outside scholarships should check with donors regarding continued eligibility while studying abroad. Students receiving study abroad grants/scholarships must declare their awards to the Office of Financial Aid to determine if those awards will affect their other financial assistance. 

Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid directly for individual financial advising.