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Academic Policies and Performance Guidelines

To be eligible for study abroad you must be a degree seeking undergraduate Rice student, enrolled at the time of application for study abroad, in good academic and disciplinary standing, having completed your freshman year and with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. 

The Rice Code of Conduct
As a Rice study abroad student, you are expected to attend all classes and to participate in all program activities, including on-site orientations, program excursions and other group activities. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on you, Rice University and your country.

The Rice Student Code of Conduct states, “The life and work of a Rice University student should be based on integrity, responsibility, and consideration for others. In all activities each student is expected to be respectful of the rights and interests of the community and of others in the community and to be personally honest.” The philosophy of the Rice Code of Conduct is generally applied to the non-academic conduct of students. The University’s Honor Code addresses academic conduct and integrity. Both should be adhered to while studying abroad. 

Academic Policies
Students studying abroad are expected to follow all Rice University Academic Policies.

Enrollment Abroad
Students must be enrolled in and receive credit for at least 12 credit hours per semester abroad. Students studying abroad in the summer term who are receiving Study Abroad scholarships or financial assistance in the form of student loans must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours. Additionally, students are required to be enrolled full time as determined by the host university or program provider during the period of study abroad. The number of courses you take abroad may vary between institution and programs abroad depending on host university requirements.

Credit and Grade Transferability 
Courses are to be completed at a Rice-approved study abroad program. Only those courses that have been passed according to the host institution's grading policy (numbers, letter grades, etc.) will be considered for transferability. Pass/fail grades will not be accepted. Students must receive the equivalent of a C- or better for courses abroad. Transfer course grades do not appear on the Rice record and have no effect on a student's Rice grade point average. Please note: Rice faculty led programs may allow for course grades to be included in the Rice transcript and cumulative GPA. Please see individual faculty led programs for specific GPA and transfer credit details.

Graduating Seniors
In order to study abroad during your final semester, you must seek and obtain approval from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates and the Rice Study Abroad Office. You must additionally contact your appointed major advisor and the Senior Associate Registrar in the Office of the Registrar to discuss outstanding graduation and major requirements. Please note: Students are discouraged from participating in a study abroad program during their last semester before graduation if they have outstanding university and/or major requirements. Should you choose to go abroad during your final semester, your degree will not be immediately conferred. If the final semester abroad is in the spring, the degree will not be conferred until the following January. If the final semester abroad is in the fall, the degree will not be conferred until May.

Students with substantial transfer credit should be aware of the general graduation requirements. Students must complete at least 60 semester hours at Rice, complete more than half of their upper-level degree work and more than half of their upper-level major work at Rice. Students are also required to complete four full-time semesters in residence at Rice University, semesters abroad do not count as semesters in residence. Students should also check with specific department requirements.

School of Record
For students studying abroad through a program provider, Rice University requires transcripts from the school of record.

For complete details regarding Study Abroad and the Transfer of Credit and Transcripts, please consult the Office of the Registrar.