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Credit and Transcripts

Upon return, please review the detailed Credit Transfer information on our website, and consult the Office of the Registrar for specific procedures regarding the awarding of credit and transcript evaluation.

Transferring Credit

Transferring credit is perhaps the most important academic concern you will have as a study abroad participant.

YOU are ultimately responsible for the courses you take, providing proper transcripts to Rice University for evaluation, and for any other documentation needed for the proper transfer and placement of credits earned abroad. It is an important responsibility and a major consideration in the application and admission process for study abroad, as well as during your time abroad and upon return to Rice. Now that you have returned, please assure that your Request for Transfer Credit Form is updated, and follow up with the Registrar's office to be sure that your credit is awarded in a timely manner.

Obtaining a Transcript

Contact your host university/program to be sure that the transcript has been sent to us:

Rice University Study Abroad Office
MS-539, Ley Student Center, Suite #132
6100 Main Street
Houston TX, 77005

The host university/program transcript should NOT be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office. Upon receipt and evaluation of the transcript, the Study Abroad Office will send it to the Office of the Registrar.

Many students assume that a transcript will automatically be sent by the host university or provider. This is often not the case, so you must make transcript arrangements with your host university/provider. You may also want to obtain two or more personal copies of your foreign transcript. Obtaining official copies in the future may be difficult, but may be necessary for graduate or professional school applications.

School of Record: For students studying abroad through a non-university program provider, Rice requires transcripts from a School of Record (SOR). Some programs charge an administrative fee for this option.  In addition to your program transcript, please make sure your SOR transcript has also been sent to the Rice Study Abroad Office, if applicable.  

Confirmation with Office of the Registrar

Please allow at least 6 weeks after your return from abroad for the Office of the Registrar to receive and process your host university/provider transcript. You will receive an e-mail to your Rice e-mail account from the Study Abroad office when we have received your transcript. Then, you will also be notified via email from the Office of the Registrar when credit has been posted. Immediately confirm proper transfer and placement of credits to your Rice transcript.