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Integrating Your International Experience at Home

There are a number of opportunities for you to keep your experience alive, share your stories from abroad, and promote international education on campus. You can easily transform your study abroad experience into one of life-long learning.

Adapted from "Maximizing Study Abroad: A Student's Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use" (by R. Michael Paige, et al.)

  • Continue language and intercultural learning, and make new connections: take a foreign language class, join an international student group, and seek out ways in the Rice and Houston communities to practice a language or meet people from diverse countries or backgrounds.
  • Involve your friends: cook a meal for your friends, or invite them to an international-themed potluck. Organize a time to share photos, where your friends - who may or may not have studied abroad - can share their experiences.
  • Keep your international connections alive: keep in touch with the friends you met while abroad. Continue reading the newspapers or websites that you read while in your host country.
  • Seek out volunteer or work opportunities in your community: Houston is home to hundreds of non-profit organizations and international organizations and companies. Look for opportunities to volunteer, intern, or work with an international company, or with an organization that works with refugees or immigrants.
  • Write about your study abroad experience: we welcome your reflections and stories on your time abroad. There are also dozens of magazines, websites, and blogs devoted to the writings of study abroad students such as yourself. As you put your experience into words, you may find yourself learning even more about your own reactions to your time abroad, and you’ll also be helping a new generation of study abroad students enrich their own experiences. You might have a look at online forums such as Transitions AbroadStudent Traveler, or Frontiers

On-Campus Opportunities  

Additional Resources for Integrating Your Experience at Home: