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Volunteer Opportunities

The Study Abroad Office has a number of volunteer opportunities available to study abroad alumni throughout the year.  We invite you to join our team in promoting study abroad in the following ways. 

Study Abroad Fair
Please come to one of our biggest events of the year - the Rice Study Abroad Fair! This is an exciting event and is held annually in September of each year. We would love to have you join us to share your experiences with the many Rice students and faculty who attend. As study abroad alumni, you are a valuable resources in promoting international opportunities. Students volunteering at our Fair can participate in many ways, such as sharing study abroad experiences and photos, assisting with promotional tasks such as passing out flyers and hanging posters, or staffing information tables at the Fair. If you are interested in volunteering with the Fair, please email abroad@rice.edu.

Study Abroad Ambassadors
Study Abroad Ambassadors are study abroad alumni who have been selected to be a liaison between the Study Abroad Office and the undergraduate student body. If you are energetic, outgoing, and passionate about your own study abroad experience, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and assist in promoting study abroad. You will develop your communicative, administrative, and leadership skills as well as further your international and intercultural interests. We invite all interested students to explore this opportunity. 

Photos and Stories
Our staff would love to see your photos - on location at your host university/program site, pictures with your host family, cultural experiences and scenic shots! We would also love to hear your stories and how your experience has enriched your studies and life. We are always looking for nice photos and stories for our website and promotional materials so we invite you to share.