Rice Study Abroad Application Materials

This page describes materials required for the Rice Study Abroad online application. You can begin the online application by clicking the "Apply Now" button from your chosen program's brochure page on our list of approved programs. Remember that you'll also need to separately submit application materials to your host university/program.


Applications must demonstrate academic reasons for studying abroad and will be evaluated on the following:

  • Appropriateness of your plan of study for your overall academic plan
  • Strength of the match between your goals and the opportunities that the program offers
  • Level of preparation at Rice for your proposed study abroad plan

Required materials


Applicant Information and Signature Documents

  • PhotoUpload a passport size photo to the online application.
  • Obtaining a Passport & Visa: Confirm that you have a valid passport, and that you have researched the visa requirements for your country of study.
  • Application Process and Deadlines
  • Release from Liability
  • Release of Student Information
  • Study Abroad Credit Transfer Process
  • Study Abroad Responsibility Agreement
  • Withdrawal Policy
  • Program Evaluation: Students must complete a program evaluation upon returned. Program transcripts will not be released to the registrar until the program evaluation has been completed. A link to the evaluation will be provided by Rice Study Abroad.

Application Documents

  • Statement of Purpose: Minimum 500 words. The statement should express careful consideration for the following: Your motivation for studying abroad, how the experience will complement your Rice academic experience, and how your time abroad is aligned with your future goals and plans.
  • One letter of recommendation: The letter must be from a Rice professor who is familiar with your academic work. The letter will be submitted online by the professor. The letter must address the applicant’s intellectual motivation and abilities and comment on the applicant’s suitability for study abroad in terms of personal factors: flexibility, maturity, intellectual curiosity, independence, and motivation. Note that some programs have additional requirements regarding faculty recommendations.
  • Undergraduate Request for Transfer Credit (URTC) Form: The URTC Form will enable you to obtain review and pre-approval of your courses with the appropriate transfer credit advisor before your term abroad. Prepare the URTC Form and submit a hard copy to Rice Study Abroad. See the Credits & Transcripts section of our website for detailed information regarding the credit transfer process.
  • Budget Worksheet: The Budget Worksheet is an exercise in comparing the cost of studying abroad with the cost of studying at Rice, taking into consideration such things as airfare, visa and consular fees, and individual program fees. The Budget Worksheet is reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid to determine appropriate financial aid alloted for the program abroad.
  • Proof of Program Application Completion: Documentation must be provided showing that you have submitted your application to your program provider/host university, or that you have completed all the other application requirements and are only waiting to obtain approval from your study abroad advisor.

Supplemental Documents

  • Waiver for Graduating Seniors (signature document): This is a yes/no question triggering the waiver if required. You must contact your major advisor and the Senior Associate Registrar to discuss possible outstanding graduation and major requirements. Should you choose to complete degree requirements while abroad in the spring, your degree will not be conferred until the following August or December. Likewise, if you choose to complete degree requirements while abroad in the fall, your degree will not be conferred until the following May.
    • Degree Audit for Graduating Seniors: Graduating seniors must upload to the application a degree audit or an email from a student records analyst at the Office of the Registrar confirming your expected graduation date.
  • Waiver for Athletes (signature document): This is a yes/no question triggering the waiver if required. Athletes must receive permission from the athletic department in order to be eligible for study abroad. Seasons, scholarships, and workout schedules must be taken into consideration.
  • Waiver for International Students (signature document): This is a yes/no question triggering the waiver if required. Required for all international students.
  • Financial Assistance through the Study Abroad Office: This is a yes/no question triggering the questionnaire if required. All students are considered for merit-based scholarship from the Study Abroad Office. If you wish to also be considered for a need-based grant please provide us with a brief personal need statement.

Application status notification 

Your advisor will review your Rice Study Abroad online application upon successful submission of all required application items. After it's been confirmed that all requirements are met, you will receive provisional approval for study abroad. You'll be notified by email through the online application system once an approval decision has been made. You may also log in and check the status of your application at any time.

Note: Your host university/program will make the final decision regarding program acceptance. The time frame for official notification may take up to several weeks. Please submit/upload to your Rice application the official acceptance letter or email notification from the host university/program.