Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! You are about to embark on one of the most academically and personally exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of your Rice career. With many factors to consider and programs to choose from, planning for study abroad can appear overwhelming at first. The steps outlined on this page will help guide you through the process of choosing and applying to a Rice-approved study abroad program.

Before meeting with a study abroad advisor

Complete "Step One: Your First Step to Studying Abroad!" The 8-minute Step One video (found on our homepage) is your preliminary informational session covering the basics of preparing and applying for study abroad. Viewing "Step One" is mandatory for all students who wish to study abroad.

Verify your eligibility by reviewing the eligibility requirements for study abroad.

Define your options by reviewing the Choosing a Program section to help you define your goals, learn about types of programs, academics/credits, cost, etc. and how to identify programs that fit with your academic and personal goals.

Search program options with our search function. You can search among Rice-approved programs based on subject area/academic theme, language, geographical region, or programs with research, internship, or service learning components.

Consult with Study Abroad Ambassadors and study abroad alumni. These students are excellent resources as you learn more about the study abroad experience and research specific program options.

Discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor and major/minor advisor to make sure your proposed courses abroad will fit in with your academic plan at Rice. They can help you determine when would be the best time in your plan to study abroad.

Once you've watched the "Step One" video, conducted your initial research, and narrowed down your program choices, schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss program options and learn about the application process in greater detail.

After meeting with a study abroad advisor

Meet with a transfer credit advisor if you plan to attempt to earn major credit for your study abroad coursework. You can find more information about transfer credit on the "Credits and Transcripts" section of our website.

Explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities in the Finances section of our website.

Discuss ideas with your family. Share your research, discuss the programs you are considering, and be sure to talk about cost and financial aid. The "Parents and Families" section of our website contains information that you and your family may find helpful.

After assessing your goals and following the guidelines above, select a program. You should plan to apply to a single program only, unless your Study Abroad Advisor indicates otherwise.

Once you have decided on a program, you're ready to complete your study abroad application! Remember that you will submit an application to both Rice Study Abroad and your selected program/host university. Carefully follow all directions and complete all required application materials on both the Rice University and program/host university application. Be aware of application deadlines; applications must be complete and received by the deadline in order to be considered.