Transfer Credit Advisors

As part of the study abroad application process, students are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-approval from their transfer credit advisors for coursework completed abroad for which the student wishes to obtain Rice-equivalent or elective credit. This advising is a critical part of allowing a Rice student to maximize his/her study abroad experience, as it ensures not only that credit will be properly evaluated, but that the study abroad complements each individual student’s course of study at Rice.

The pre-approval process requires students to identify courses abroad relevant to their major or minor programs, or able to fulfill distribution requirements. Students will meet with the appropriate transfer credit advisor to review planned courses and complete the Undergraduate Request for Transfer Credit form. Each department has the authority to pre-approve courses that may earn credit for either core requirements or electives.

The course pre-approval process is dependent upon the transfer credit advisor in each major. Transcripts from the institution abroad are then evaluated by the registrar upon return to Rice to determine final credit awarded.