Faculty-Led Programming

Rice Study Abroad is pleased to serve as a resource for faculty and departments who lead undergraduates on short-term academic programs during the semester or over the summer.

Risk Management Considerations for Faculty-Lead Programs

International travel checklists

The Office of Risk Management provides useful checklists to be observed when implementing the program and preparing students for departure.

Rice liability waivers

Liability waivers issued by the Office of Risk Management should be signed by all participants and returned to that office prior to departure for the program. Faculty leaders may wish to store a set of copies of the signed waivers with their department.


All participants will require a valid passport. Many countries require that passports be valid for as long as 6 months beyond the scheduled date of exit from the country. It is strongly recommended that faculty leaders collect copies of all participants' passports for safekeeping at the department for the duration of the program.


Visa application procedures for U.S. citizens travelling to your program's destination should be examined and initiated safely in advance of the beginning of the program. In a number of cases, U.S. citizens may not be required to apply for a visa if they will remain in the country for a period of 90 days or less in a number of cases, but this must be confirmed with the specific country of destination. Non-U.S. citizens should consult with their country's embassy in the country of destination for visa procedures.

Other information to submit

Faculty leaders should plan to share the following information with Office of Risk Management:

  • Full roster of participants, including faculty/staff

  • Transit details to and from the country of destination if traveling as a group, plus details for planned group travel (e.g. if the group will move to a different location on another part of the program)

  • Accommodation details

  • The program's student handbook if one is provided