Funds Through the Study Abroad Office

Scholarship Awards

Each application cycle, the Rice Study Abroad Office awards a limited number of scholarships underwritten by generous donors.

  • How to apply: All confirmed study abroad participants are considered; no separate application is needed.
  • Eligibility: For each student nominated by their study abroad advisor, the scholarship committee reviews the entire application for merit, with special attention paid to the personal statement, the faculty recommendation, program fit, and any special circumstances as applicable, including need and program cost.

Study Abroad Grants

The Rice Study Abroad Office has limited funds earmarked to assist study abroad students based on demonstrated financial need.

  • How to apply: Students who wish to be considered may opt to include a short statement with their study abroad program application detailing the nature of their need. While the online prompt is provided to all study abroad applicants, it is an optional component of the program application. Rice study abroad program applications are considered complete without such a statement and the presence or absence of a need statement has no bearing on the program approval.
  • Eligibility: Demonstrated need: study abroad grants will be awarded to those with the highest need. Considerations will be based on the information included in the need statement. Students may be asked for additional information regarding their situation. Students supported by the Rice Investment will receive priority consideration for study abroad grants. Submission of a need statement does not guarantee funding.

Emergency Funds

Due to the nature of study abroad, early deposit payments to secure program participation or overseas housing are sometimes required soon after committing to a program, and before financial aid or scholarship/grant funds are disbursed. When meeting such a requirement poses a challenge, study abroad students may apply for emergency funds to the Study Abroad Office.

  • How to apply: Students in need should submit a short statement to their study abroad advisor by email, detailing the circumstances and providing an invoice.
  • Eligibility: Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the Study Abroad Office will make a direct payment on behalf of the student. No funds will be disbursed to the student directly.

First Passport Initiative

The Study Abroad Office is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in international education. As a token of this commitment, we will bear the cost of a new US passport for all first-time applicants who commit to studying abroad.

  • How to apply: Interested students should consult a study abroad advisor regarding potential abroad programs and the timing of their abroad experience. Once a program match is found, students should complete their application early to have ample time for the passport process.
  • Eligibility: Only students who obtain their first US passport specifically to study abroad, and who are committed to participating in a study abroad program through our office are eligible.