Other Funding Opportunities

Provider and direct enrollment scholarships

Students accepted or pending acceptance to many Rice approved direct enrollment or affiliate third-party provider programs can apply directly to the institution or organization for additional funding. Providers that may offer aid include:

Rice direct enroll universities often also have scholarship opportunities available to qualified students who have been accepted or are pending acceptance. Research and consult with host universities to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

The Institute for International Education (IIE) awards

IIE manages undergraduate and graduate level scholarships at accredited academic institutions throughout the world. IIE implements many of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs (i.e. Fulbright) and manages global scholarships through a network of domestic and international offices.

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to add an important international and language component to their education. Boren awards focus on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study that are critical to U.S. national security and are typically under-represented in study abroad. Geographical regions include Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and the Middle East; the countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are excluded.

Freeman-ASIA (Freeman Awards for Study in Asia) provides scholarships and is designed to support American undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are studying overseas in East or Southeast Asia. The program’s goal is to increase the number of Americans with first-hand exposure to and understanding of Asia and its peoples and cultures.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.

Visit the IIE website for more information about these awards and other scholarship programs administered by IIE.

Additional outside awards

The following links may also be helpful in your search for additional funding for your study abroad experience. Keep in mind these are not Rice University-sponsored awards. Many of these scholarships require your time for outreach or marketing of a company or organization (i.e. blogging while abroad, giving presentations on return, etc.).




Cultural Vistas is a non-profit organization that offers funding for internship and study opportunities in Germany and select other countries.

DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service invites highly qualified undergraduate students to apply for scholarships funding study, senior thesis research and/or internships in German.

Diversity Abroad scholarships encourage study abroad for economically disadvantaged students, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or Native-American undergraduate students, as well as students who study in non-traditional locations (outside western Europe & Australia). Students must participate in a study abroad program offered by a Diversity Abroad.com partner organization (i.e. CIEE, DIS, IES, NYU & SIT programs).

The Foundation for Global Scholars provides scholarships three times per year to U.S. citizens studying abroad.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) awards $5,000 scholarships for study abroad. Applicants plan to study abroad for a minimum of 4 weeks in a foreign country. Applicants should be committed to supporting education abroad in their campus communities upon return through work with the FEA and the campus education abroad staff.

Go Overseas scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in, or in the process of applying to, study abroad programs.

The U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation's Bridging Scholarships offers scholarships to American undergraduate students participating in study abroad programs in Japan.

The British American Foundation of Texas offers aid to study abroad for economically disadvantaged students in the UK for the fall semester. Students must be residents of Texas to be eligible.

Tortuga Backpacks awards $1,000 scholarships for study abroad. Applicants must have applied to or been accepted into a study abroad program eligible for credit.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston offers scholarships to Houston-area college students for study abroad in Italy.

Note: Students should never have to pay a fee to apply for a scholarship. Be alert for scholarships that sound too good to be true. Your study abroad advisor can help you assess the authenticity of outside awards.