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Celebrate International Education Week 2020 with Rice Study Abroad! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ricestudyabroad and read how to participate below.

Monday 11/16:
Virtual Whiteboard Campaign

Tell us what you think about study abroad! Send us a picture of yourself with the following question and your response written on your whiteboard or piece of paper:

  • Thinking about studying abroad? "I want to study abroad because..."
  • Already studied abroad? "I studied abroad because..."
  • None of the above? International education is important because..."

Send us your picture via this form by noon on Friday 11/13 to be featured on our social media! Prospective study abroad students will receive one entry into our fall gift card raffle campaign for submitting a picture.

Wednesday 11/18 8-9PM on Zoom:
International Trivia Night

Test your knowledge with international-themed trivia! Join up solo or in teams of up to three. The winner(s) will receive a gift card (winning pairs or trios receive one for each member)! Separately, for prospective study abroad students, this is the final chance to enter our fall gift card raffle campaign!

You can join the Zoom meeting with the following information:
Meeting ID: 925 6310 9733
Passcode: 502473

Friday 11/20:
Alumni Advice Video Showcase

Study abroad alumni--we want to hear your advice to students thinking about study abroad in the future! Send us a short video (30-60 seconds) where you share your one main piece of advice about study abroad.

We'll also be announcing the winner of our fall raffle campaign!

Send us your video via this form (same form as above) by noon on Friday 11/13 to be featured on our social media!

Please feel free to address any questions to Chris Gray at