Integrating Your Experience

Sharing Your Experience

Program evaluations

Student program evaluations are a valuable tool; they allow Rice Study Abroad to continuously evaluate the quality of its approved programs, and those that are permitted to be shared publicly help prospective study abroad participants to decide on a program. Instructions for submitting program evaluations will be sent to students near the end of their study abroad program.


The Study Abroad Office is always happy to receive your photos! With their permission, we are pleased to feature study abroad alumni on social media and in other platforms through their submitted pictures. Students can submit at any time by emailing pictures to Interested students may also wish to enter the annual Photo Contest & Exhibit.

Continuing Your Study Abroad Experience

There are a number of opportunities for you to keep your study abroad experience alive, share your stories from abroad, and promote study abroad on campus. You can easily transform your study abroad experience into one of life-long learning.

  • Continue language and intercultural learning, and make new connections: take a foreign language class, join an international student group, and seek out ways in the Rice and Houston communities to practice a language or meet people from other countries or diverse backgrounds.

  • Involve your friends: Cook a meal for your friends, or invite them to an international-themed potluck. Organize a time to share photos, where your friends (whether they studied abroad or not).

  • Keep your international connections alive: Keep in touch with the friends you met while abroad. Continue reading the newspapers or websites that you read while in your host country.

  • Seek out volunteer or work opportunities in the community: Houston is home to hundreds of non-profit organizations and international organizations and companies. Look for opportunities to volunteer, intern, or work with an international company, or with an organization that works with refugees or immigrants.

  • Write about your study abroad experience: We welcome your reflections and stories on your time abroad. There are also dozens of publications, websites, and blogs devoted to the writings of study abroad students such as yourself. As you put your experience into words, you may find yourself learning even more about your own reactions to your time abroad, and you’ll also be helping a new generation of study abroad students enrich their own experiences.

Volunteering and Getting Involved

Below are some organizations on campus that host activities you can become involved in:

  • Meet and and support degree-seeking international students on campus through the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

  • Campus departments and initiatives such as:

    • The Chao Center for Asian Studies

    • Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC)

    • James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

  • Student cultural or internationally-focused clubs; check the club listing on the Rice Student Activities website to find a group of interest.

  • Find out about volunteer opportunities working with international populations in Houston through the Center for Civic Leadership (CCL).

Further International Opportunities

Considering going abroad again? Numerous opportunities exist for Rice students through Rice offices and departments, and through external organizations.

The Center for Civic Leadership (CCL)

Besides offering valuable undergraduate research experiences and student mentoring relationships with Rice faculty, and/or local, national, and international scholars and professionals, the CCL serves as a campus-wide clearinghouse for prestigious awards and research opportunities available both on and off campus. The office functions as a consolidated reference for students seeking domestic and/or international study and research experiences. International opportunities include fellowships such as the Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Fulbright, Luce, and Watson.

Departmental international opportunities

Individual departments sponsor international programs such as Rice 360 Institute for Global Health Technologies, Engineers Without Borders, Nakatani-RIES Fellowship in Japan, or opportunities at The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy.

The Center for Career Development (CCD)

The CCD is a valuable resource for future international career opportunities, as well as advice for talking about your international experience on resumes or during interviews.

Graduate/professional schools abroad

Internationally-focused graduate opportunities can be found through resources such as:

Work or volunteer abroad

Rice Study Abroad does not administer or advise for outside volunteer or work abroad opportunities or endorse any particular programs or organizations. However, numerous international opportunities do exist. Students may choose to volunteer, intern, teach, or work abroad over the summer or after graduation. Students should carefully evaluate and vet any program offering volunteer, work or teach abroad experiences to assure a safe and high quality experience. Opportunities and resources include: